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Foxley Farm's CSA

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Policies

We ask all new members to carefully read the following document. These are the guidelines that keep our CSA running smoothly, and you are responsible for knowing them and understanding how your Membership works.

What our CSA is all about

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between a local farm (or group of farms) and members of the surrounding community. The farms pledge to grow food for the community and the community pledges to support the farm. It is a direct food-to-consumer relationship, connecting a community with its food source. By making a financial commitment to a farm, people become “members” of the CSA.

In the winter and early spring, members buy a share of the harvest - the farmers then use this money for seeds, greenhouse expenses, equipment, labor, etc. In return, members receive a weekly distribution of the farm’s products - members’ investment is returned in healthful, vibrant food, as fresh as it gets! For 2016, our CSA Shares include Meat, Produce, Dairy, Carry-Out Kitchen, Eggs, Poultry, Herbs and Flowers

Member's shares will be determined weekly by what is ripe and in season. Because of this, each weekly share's items will vary. We use natural and sustainable growing methods and plant and pick all our produce by hand. There are regular and large options for your shares depending on the size of your family or group. We allow you to choose which items you would like at the farm.  Each item available will have a value and you will be able to tally your weekly value by the share that you purchased.  If one week you have guests coming and need more items, you will be able to steal them from another of your week’s shares.  Our CSA is much like you will be shopping at the market but on our farm.

Why Should You Join a CSA?

A Community Supported Agriculture share is not only a great way to eat ultra-fresh local food that is more nutritious and tastes better than the same produce you could buy at a grocery store, but you’ll also learn about local agriculture. If you opt for a weekly share at our farm, you will be able to explore new vegetables, meats, poultry and fruit. You’ll also learn more about the land they came from and how to prepare them. We even include recipes that include the foods in our share bundles! Being a CSA member with Foxley Farm will enhance your sense of social responsibility and connect you directly with where and how your food is grown.

Does Everything Come from Foxley Farm?

Our goal is to support not only our farm but our neighboring farms and local craft people. We will have bread, honey, soaps, and sometimes other produce or meats that will be from other local farms that you can add to your share.  Foxley Farm is about sustaining agriculture with local, healthy food.


We accept payment of cash or check.

 Deadline to join the CSA Share program is May 1 2016.

Membership Benefits

Here at Foxley Farms, we host a variety of dinners and educational classes. CSA Members that purchased the on-farm patron fee will receive via email free to discounted prices off admission of various dinners. The patron fee will also give access to any educational classes at a discounted fee.

Pick up Box Charge

At every pick up, you are expected to return last week’s Box. If you don’t return last week’s box on pick up day, you will be charged for the new box that we give you. Box charges are non refundable and cost $20.00.

Pick-up Day/Location Etiquette

Foxley Farm operates the CSA Pick up in a timely manner, and we ask everyone to please observe the following rules:

  1. Please observe the pick-up times carefully. We sometimes cannot coordinate or recommend after hours pickup
  2. Pick ups are at the farm, please drive slowly into the farm because when we say free range, we mean free range.  Chickens, dogs, pigs and guineas often meander on the driveway.
  3. Please park in the designated area.
  4. Pick up times are Wednesdays 5-8, Friday 3pm-6pm, Saturday 9am-noon


We encourage subscriber feedback about box quality and contents by emailing us at It’s very important that you include your full name and your email address. For quality issues please include when you picked up your box. If there are items that you would like us to grow that might not be there, let us know. We are always happy trying to grow new vegetables and fruit.


Example of items shares:

1 lb of tomatoes                      

1 lb of kohlrabi

1 cabbage

1 bunch of kale

½ pint of strawberries

1 lb of squash

1 dozen of eggs                                                                      

1 bag of salad mix

½ lb of bacon

2 pork chops

1 bunch of flowers

1lb of ground meat

1 lb of beans


Foxley Farm CSA Card (A unique way to try a CSA)

You can purchase a Foxley Farms CSA Card in increments of $50 or more. This CSA option is offered year-round, so there is no expiration date or deadline. You will pick items that you want at a grocery store discounted price.  For instance, it might cost you $10.00 at the chain store but it will be $8.00 at Foxley Farm.

There are no restrictions on what you can buy. With your card, you’ll have access to an unmatched variety of items including vegetables, fruits,


Full Season
Farm Membership Fee
(includes $50 on-farm patron fee)*

Full Season
Produce Value
(20 week season)

Average Weekly
Produce /meat

(20 week season)

Number of 
Produce/Meat Items/Week 
(e.g., item = head of lettuce, bunch of kale, quart of beans)

 restrictions on # of meat per week